Top 20 Fashion Exhibitions in 2016 in France

Throughout the year, in various French cities, innumerable Fashion exhibitions are held. A few among these events enjoy international repute and gets the participation of the major international fashion brands. This article will discuss the top 20 fashion exhibitions that either got staged or are scheduled to hold in France in the ongoing year.

1.       Stoffen Spektakel Arras

This had been an annual fashion event in France and this year, the event got staged in Arras. This event showcased the Fabric and textile industry and several international designers launched their latest works in the event.

  1. Stoffen Spektakel Besançon

In addition to Arras, BESANÇON holds another event of the STOFFEN SPEKTAKEL every year. This year the event got organized on 5th of November. The event got participations of major fabric & textile companies as well as international fashion designers.

  1. Mode City Riviera

riv16_a3hThis event was organized in the city of Cannes between 4th and 5th of September, the ongoing year. This had been an international fashion show, emphasizing on summer lingerie and swimwear.

  1. Tissu Premier Première Vision

This is one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the category of fashion, textiles, and Fabrics that gets the participation of major European brands. This is a biannual event that gets hosted in Lille in the months of June and November.

  1. Beauté Sélection – Lyon

This annual event of apparels, fashion products & accessories and beauty care products has immensely contributed to the international fame of Lyon. This event got organized by the first of November 2016.

  1. Stoffen Spektakel Mulhouse

MULHOUSE is yet another venue for the annual STOFFEN SPEKTAKEL fashion event. Here, the event gets hosted twice a year.

  1. Capsule Show Paris Men’s

This event gets staged every year in the City of Paris. The event focuses on men’s fashion. This is an opportunity to explore the latest trends in men’s fashion.

8.       Capsule Show Paris Womens

f773a445fde54d93f6bc4e6d27458ba4f4c5e30eThe CAPSULE SHOW PARIS has got a separate chapter that exclusively focuses on fashion for women. This is a biannual fashion event in Paris.

9.       Paris Sur Mode

This event has turned to be one of the major annual fashion events in Paris, showcasing outfits and fashion accessories for men and women.

10.   Premier Classe

You got to check out this annual fashion exhibition in Paris to explore the latest trending in fashion accessories.

11.   Made In France – Première Vision

Paris hosts this annual fashion exhibition every year to showcase the works of the indigenous manufacturers and designers in France.

12.   Salon Du Vintage

As the name suggests, the trust area of this annual fashion event in France is vintage clothing, fashion accessories, and retro fashion.

13.   Salon Made In France

This event gets hosted in Paris every year in the month of March. It focuses on lingerie, outfits, and jewelry as well as fashion accessories.


14.   Vendôme Luxury

This is the event that upholds premier and luxury fashion stuff for women. This event gets staged in Paris every year in the months of September-October.

15.   Apparelsourcing Paris

The APPARELSOURCING showcases readymade outfits and fashion accessories for men and women.

16.   Texworld

This annual event in Paris is the platform to bring the major international fashion brands and fashion designers close to each other.

17.   Bijorhca Paris

This Fashion event in Paris revolves around fashion accessories, costume jewelry, and other fashion items.

18.   Who’s Next


This is one of the most celebrated events in Paris, showcasing outfits and fashion accessories for ladies and men.

19.   Kidexpo

The purpose of this fashion exhibition is to uphold the fashion products for kids.

20.   Salon International De La Lingerie

The SALON INTERNATIONAL DE LA LINGERIE exhibition upholds the fashionable lingerie, fashion accessories, and jewelry.

The events discussed above are the most prominent annual fashion events in France. You can find more such events, conducting online research.


Trade exhibitions are events organized with the objective of providing a chance to the companies from a specific industry line to demonstrate and showcase their latest products and/or services.