Trade exhibitions in France 2016

One of the most progressive nations in trade & commerce, France holds various trade shows around the year that enable the small, medium, and larger businesses to showcase their innovations and development to the mass. A few of these trade shows even holds international repute, getting the participation of businesses from various foreign countries. The paragraphs underneath will throw light on a few of the top trade exhibits, hosted in France in the ongoing year.

The Denim Show

One of the most popular trade shows in France, The Denim show is held every year by the first of November. This year, it was hosted between 2nd and 3rd November in Paris. Textiles, fabrics, Home decoration items as well as handicrafts were the showcase businesses in this how. The show got a massive participation from businesses of all size as well as the mass. Participating businesses expressed that this event enabled them to attract the focus and attention of the customers.

PATRMONIE International Heritage Show

France holds a legacy in areas of cultural aspirations and handcrafts. The French people are a diehard enthusiast of artistic and crafting works. For years, the PATRMONIE International Heritage Show has been one of the major trade events in the country that gets the participation of arts & antique dealers as well as handcrafters. It is a gallant opportunity for these businesses to get to the limelight and focus of the largest base of customers. This year, the show got hosted in Paris, between 3rd and 6th November 2016. The event got crowned with success with the participation of the mass as well as businesses, both from inland and abroad. Aside from the business potential, it is gallant opportunity for the participants to gain insight on internal culture and works by international artists and crafters.

SATIS exhibition

This trade show is meant for the businesses from the domain of technology. For this year, the event is scheduled to hold in Paris between 15th and 17th of November, 2016. As stated by the representative of the event organizer, the event will get participation by a few to technological companies from various parts of the world. For the mass, this trade show will be a comprehensive platform to gain insight on the technological innovations and the latest technological advancements. Consumer durable, Film, Photography and telecommunication businesses will be the major participants in this trade show.


NOUVEAU LOGO copie.pdf

As you can make it from the name itself, this trade show will give insight on metal crafting and metal works. Tools & equipment, metal crafts, hardware and other metal products will be the main items to be displayed in this event. The event will be holding in Paris between 15th and 18th November 2016.

In addition to the events mentioned above, there had been hundreds of events that have already been held in France. Likewise, several occasions are scheduled to hold by the remaining span of the ongoing year. These events will enable businesses to communicate directly with the customers. Likewise, customers will get to explore the trending in trade & commerce in contemporary times.

Trade exhibitions are events organized with the objective of providing a chance to the companies from a specific industry line to demonstrate and showcase their latest products and/or services.