Ten Must-See Art Exhibitions in France in 2016

Are you an art enthusiast in France, and want to know about the most renowned art exhibitions that take place? Here are 10 art exhibitions in France from 2016 which your should know about:

Vivid Memories 30 years exhibition at the Cartier Foundation

An art exhibition was conducted in 2016 to mark the Foundation’s 30th anniversary. The exhibition showcased the works of both famous and young artists. Events and concerts were included as a part of the exhibition as well.

Le Palais de Tokyo, Several Exhibitions

This unique venue organizes several art exhibitions all over the year. The Les Modules by Thomas Teurlai, and the Lasco Project were also major highlights.

Motion Factory at La Gaite Lyrique

The La Gaite Lyrique was a theatre which became a venue for showcasing digital cultures and music. Motion Factory is the summer art exhibition of this venue, where the process of creating animation films as a form of art was presented.

Martial Raysse at the Centre Pompidou

The art exhibition presented by the Centre Pompidou presented the works of Martial Raysse. He was a renowned French artist who was famous for his assemblages of various objects in a shop window pattern.

Avec motifs apparent at Le Centquatre

The Le Centquatre is a place for young, merging artists and art enthusiasts. In 2016, the exhibition conducted by this place presented the in situ artwork by five artists. Various artists showcased their vivid artworks during the summer exhibition.

Le Mur, Antoine de Galbert’s Collection at La Maison Rouge

A special art exhibition took place in order to mark the 10th anniversary of La Maison Rogue. The exhibition featured all the works by Antoine de Galbert which can be hung on walls. 1200 painting here displayed in the exhibition.

In Situ at the Maison Loius Vuitton

The Maison Louis Vuitton’s top floor serves as a cultural space, where young artists get to showcase their works. A unique art exhibition took place here in 2016 where the floor turned into an open studio of artists for one whole month.

Les Vitrines sur I’art at the FRAC Ile de France, and Galeries Lafayette

The Les Vitrines sur I’art is an art exhibition by the Fresh artist Julien Carreyn which took place at the FRAC Ile de France. The exhibition was based on the concept of exploring opportunities which shop windows offer, along with their unusual spaces and reflection of light.

Lewis Baltz, Common Objects at Le BAL

lewis-baltz3Le BAL is dedicated to documentary pictures based on the perception of reality via contemporary pictures. In 2016, an exhibition took place here which featured the works of Lewis Baltz, a renowned French photographer. His works were explored in the form of contemporary cinema.

MAC/VAL Musee d’Art Contemporain Val de Marne

The Contemporary Art Museum of the Val de Marne in Paris is an ideal place for cultural creations. This 2016 exhibition conducted by this museum featured the work of several artists. The works of Vietnamese artists Nguyen Mah Hung and Jun Nguyen Hatsushiba were major highlights.

These art exhibitions in 2016 in France  are noteworthy and you should visit the next exhibitions that get conducted from these venues.

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