What to see in 2016: our picks of the top exhibitions

Exhibitions are wonderful chances to witness the artistic works from the past as well as from the contemporary times. With that said, the best exhibitions get footfalls of millions of visitors. The paragraphs underneath will discuss the top exhibitions that got hosted at various corners of the globe n the ongoing year.

The Visions of Genius

The Het Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch organized an exhibition between 13th February and 8th May, titled as “Vision of Genius. The said exhibition displayed works by Hieronymus Bosch, one of the most notable masters of the Renaissance era. As a mark of respect to the 500th death anniversary of the master, the museum staged an exhibition that displayed some of the masterpieces from the master.

britishmuseum16The Antique exhibition in the British Museum, London

The British museum in London holds fame for organizing gallant shows and exhibitions on artworks and antiques. This time, the museum turned to the antiques from Ancient Egypt. The exhibition is scheduled to run between 19th May and 27th November. Visiting this exhibition, you will get the chance to explore the gems of antiques from the ancient Egypt. It will be a gallant chance to recall the glory that the human civilization achieved few thousands year back.

The Tribal artwork exhibition

The folk and tribal art have significantly influenced the development of the modern western art. Hence, it makes sense to look back on those attributes that have manifested to the modern concept of arts and crafts. This exhibition will run from 23rd September and 9th January 2017 at the Vienna-based Leopold Museum. Tribal and folk works have even influenced masters like Picasso, Michelangelo, and others. venueinfo_1This exhibition will track as for how the tribal artistic approaches and concepts have paved the way for modern western arts.

The Met Bruner photography exhibition in New York

In contemporary times, digital resources will definitely come in the category of artwork and thought-out the world, innumerable photographic exhibitions get organized each year. The Met Bruner photography exhibition in New York deserves a special mention for the extensive scope of works that are included in the show. You will get photographs shoot by some of the top photographers of all time. It includes the black-and-white and the color photos. The exhibitions display photographs themed on several topics that revolve around the daily life.

Design & Decorative art exhibition

 The museum of Fine arts in Boston organized an exhibition on design & decorative art that tried to explore for fashion in the forthcoming time. The purpose of organizing this exhibition was to showcase innovations and explore the involvement of technology in areas of design and decoration.

The exhibitions discussed above got crowned with success and it enabled the mass to explore various attributes of the respective domains.  Most importantly, it fetched the chances for the enthusiast to recall some of the best works in the history of painting and fine arts. Hence, the inclusion of these events in the list of the best exhibitions of the year, are justified.

Trade exhibitions are events organized with the objective of providing a chance to the companies from a specific industry line to demonstrate and showcase their latest products and/or services.