Paris’ Top 10 Contemporary Art Exhibitions this summer

Paris, forever, has been the pilgrimage for art and culture works and the city houses various art galleries and museums, across the entire stretch of the city. This summer, the enthusiasts of contemporary arts will get to witness several exhibits on contemporary arts of which the top 10 will get discussed in the paragraphs underneath.

1.      The Cartier Foundation Exhibition

This year, the exhibition of the Cartier Foundation is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. This has been one of the most sophisticated exhibitions on contemporary arts. If a book is to be judged by the cover, the classic architectural creation of the building in glass foretells the impressive collection of artistic works, lying inside. This is one of the most important exhibitions of contemporary arts in Paris as it showcases the works by emerging talented artists.

2.      The Palais de Tokyo exhibition

This event forms the platform to bring the contemporary artists and fans closer to each other. For this year, there will be an exhibition that will blend philosophy with architecture and science. The prime attraction at the event is graffiti by 7 artists, having international repute and fame.

3.      La Gaité Lyrique Exhibition

 This venue is an erstwhile theater hall that got modified to an exhibition venue at a later stage. As for the exhibition for this summer, the exhibition will reveal the process of development of animated films. A visit to this exhibition will enable you to explore those factors that make digital creations an art form in contemporary times.

4.      The contemporary art exhibition of Centre Pompidou

maxresdefaultThis exhibition showcases the works from Martial Raysee, one of the major names in the list of French artists in the 20th Century. The collection includes Plexiglas objects and portraits. These collections will impress you with its vibrant shades and aesthetic designs.

5.      The Avec motifs Exhibition

This is one of the most important exhibitions on contemporary arts as it publicized the works from several emerging talented French artists.  The exhibition houses work like sculptors, portraits and several other forms of artistic works.

6.      Maison Louis Vuitton

The top floor of Maison Louis Vuitton was recently transformed into a site of an art exhibition. This summer, the exhibitions brought together the works from various artists, both from inland and international locations. The prime attraction of the exhibition was a series of works, themed on civil right movements and feminism.

7.      The Galeries Lafayette exhibition

This exhibition showcases the works by French artists Julien Carreyn. The main theme of this exhibition is to explore the potentials lying with shop windows. The major collection includes work like painting, drawing as well as books in postcard-formats.

8.      The La Maison Rouge exhibition

This year, the exhibition is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The special attractions at this exhibition are works that can be mounted on walls. The items displayed in this exhibition are the stuff from the private collection of Antoine de Galbert.

dsc_00029.      Lewis Baltz Exhibition

This exhibition will uphold works by eminent American Photographer Lewis Baltz, covering the span between 1960’s and 2000.

10.  MAC/VAL exhibition

For this year, the exhibition will display painting, portrait, and   sculptors by a group of international artists.

A visit to these exhibitions will bring you the chance to explore the gems of the contemporary artistic works.

Trade exhibitions are events organized with the objective of providing a chance to the companies from a specific industry line to demonstrate and showcase their latest products and/or services.