Upcoming Trade Shows In France In 2019

Paris, The Light City is worldly known for being one of the most visited in the world. Trade shows are no stranger to this tradition, and these are the ones you cannot miss this year.

First things first though and we start with a show that stole the year – Pure Taboo.

Pure Taboo Logo

Pure Taboo is an adults-only series where the most intimate and darkest fantsies of our society are revealed. Set in fantasy situations the series presents taboo subjects with one aim only – to totally break them. Watch the twisted scenarios written by brilliant minds, recorded using 4K quality and available to stream & download. With Pure Taboo you basically are set to experience the taboo, your way!

The World’s Entertainment Content Market

This exhibition and trade show will put together some of the biggest names in the content production and distribution, television and more. This fare features a weird crossover between Video, DVD and Cinema representatives and new media and mobile advertising ones. It will be an interesting time to be around, don´t miss out.

Foire De Paris

This is the every-day need fair. Here you will find household consumables and industries talking about what happen and what comes next. The event showcases 3500 brands with 2136 exhibitors and expects 467252 visitors to attend. If every-day products are your thing; that is the place to be.

International Fair Haute Savoie Mont Blanc

This is the perfect fair to take your entire family to and have lots of fun. It is said that it marks the beginning of the warm weather and the great deals. In it you´ll be enjoying an amazing program of disciplines and attractions besides the amazing deals.

Fair Tours

Regardless of the business niche you give your time and passion to, this is the mother of all fairs that reunites professionals from every field. By attending Fair Tours, you will be able to make bridges to other business and professionals around the world and increase your leverage.

Fabric Show Rouen

The fabric show in Rouen is the closest you´ll get to the source of all fabrics you need and want. It is an indispensable visit for all clothing manufacturers in the world but can also be enjoyed by a neutral audience.

RunDisney Health & Fitness Expo

Close to the Race Weekend, this fair is a must to get all the gear you need and be ready for the big event. Attending this event is the only way to get t-shirt, race number and GEAR bag pickup. Also, you´ll have access to state-of-the-art wellness and fitness gear.

E Commerce Paris

If you want to get into the e-commerce world and don´t know how or are already in, this show is a complete must. This fair´s main attraction is the possibility of networking with like-minded professionals and learning the tricks of the trade from experienced professionals.

GTR Europe Trade & Export Finance Conference

Regional trade experts are to be reunited in the Light City once again to discuss exports, finances and business in a continent-wide spectrum. If you are a part of this business, this is the place to be.


There is always a good reason to be in Paris; whether you go to do some tourism of for a mini working trip, the city will light a candle in your heart. With all these extra reasons, 2019 is the year your feet will be walking Parisian streets without a doubt.


Trade exhibitions are events organized with the objective of providing a chance to the companies from a specific industry line to demonstrate and showcase their latest products and/or services.