Upcoming Film Festivals In 2018

There is a plethora of film festivals around the world. But only a few of them are worth paying attention to and attract big stars and bigger crowds. The rest are basically just attempts to increase tourism for a particular place by means of movies.

The big film festivals serve two big purposes. It allows directors to launch their movies in a major setting that can get them critical acclaim while also giving movie buffs an opportunity to savor the best cinema from across the globe.

2018 promises to be no different than any other year for film festivals and though we are through with more than a quarter of the year, there are still many fests left for movie fans to look forward to.

Growl Boyz – DO NOT Expect The Quality Gay Cinema

Growlboyz - Coming To Festival This Summer
Growlboyz – Coming To Festival This Summer

The series called Growl Boyz is sure going to be the culmination of many festivals this year. Why? Because it shows the most social subjects with addition of some ancient history. Imagine an old Greek cult where homosexual activities leads to some super-natural powers. This isn’t your another movie with superheroes. It’s graphic and it’s adult only. Growl Boyz is going to be released this summer and we expect lots of footage of their official tube @ growlboyz.org!

NEWS – Missionary Mormon Boys Takes Growl Boyz’ Place

Missionary Boys – Former Mormon Boyz

After all, Growl Boyz are not going to be released. This concept was very inspiring but we’ve received 1st hand information that it’s not going to see the light of a day. Don’t worry, though – the studio came up with a replacement that it’s actually under re-branding. If you know Mormon Boyz you need to update your knowledge to its new name – Missionary Boys. This thing is big – over 500 episodes of a secret cult named The Order – and its principals being in charge of turning naive guys homosexual. These missionaries are surely going to have a hard time.

Here is a list of upcoming film festivals in 2018

Raindance Film Festival (26 September – 7 October)

Arguably Britain’s biggest film festival, Raindance will see the best filmmakers from around the world showcasing their work in its 26th edition later this year. On an average, Raindance draws around 16,000 people every year. This festival is officially recognized by the Academy that presents the Oscars in US and BAFTA of UK. The festival takes place in the West End film district in London.

Cannes Film Festival (8 May – 19 May)

Possibly the most important and famous film festival in the movie world, Cannes Film Festival attracts the biggest showbiz celebs from around the globe. This year the president of the jury at the event would be Cate Blanchett and the festival would open with the Spanish film Todos Lo Saben (Everybody Knows) starring Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. This will be the 71st edition of the festival.

Palme d’Or is the biggest award given during the event to a movie and is regarded as the third most important prize in the world of filmmaking after Oscars and BAFTA awards.

Toronto International Film Festival (6 September – 16 September)

The 43rd edition of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) will take place in the month of September. Regarded as one of the most important festivals in the world, Toronto also attracts the who’s who of the film industry. TIFF is known for attracting massive crowds and that is likely to continue with 480,000 people likely to show up this year. The festival is headquartered at TIFF Bell Lightbox, a film center open year-round for movie fans.

The most prestigious award at the event is the People’s Choice award given according to the polling done on visitors.

Melbourne International Film Festival (2 August – 19 August)

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is the biggest film festival in southern hemisphere and was first held in 1952. Accredited by both the US Academy of films and BAFTA, the festival tries to promote Australian cinema as well. The festival takes place in venues spread across the city of Melbourne with the Australian Centre for Moving Arts being one of the prime locations.

MIFF has awards for both full-length feature movies and short films. From 1985, the ‘Grand Prix of Best Short Film’ award has been presented by the city of Melbourne itself rather than the organizers of the festival.

Venice Film Festival (29 August – 8 September)

This is the oldest film festival in the world and was first held in 1932. Venice Film Festival is regarded as one of the ‘Big 3’ in the world of film festivals alongside Cannes and Berlin. The festival takes place on the island of Lido and the screenings take place in the major theaters in surrounding areas. This year will see the 75th edition of the event.

Trade exhibitions are events organized with the objective of providing a chance to the companies from a specific industry line to demonstrate and showcase their latest products and/or services.