Expos in France – 2018

Expos are a brilliant way of getting a wide variety of products without much effort. Mostly they deal with art, fashion, texture and culture, it is a long list. In France, numerous people converge in congresses and exhibition centers for this critical event. Here are some of the exposure coming your way in 2018.

Perv Mom Opening

Perv Mom Release – February 2018

The grand opening of Perv Mom series is speculated to be in Paris, sometime in February of 2018. The website, with its idea of featuring sexually frustrated step-moms getting it on with their family members of step-sons has caused quite a huge scandal in the online adult medias. Opposition says that Perv Mom is huge success and demand for this kind of video content is unprecedented. Who’s right? We will most certainly see it in Paris!

Bijorhca Paris

For those in love with watches and jewellery, this might be the best place for you to start when looking for that unique piece. With over five hundred designs all tastes are covered, and you can be sure you will not be displeased after visiting this place. For over four days you get to have the opportunity to view and sample the finest of watches and jewellery. Made from different materials ranging from gold, diamond to silver. Whether you own a store or looking for an all ready to wear watch, you can be sure that you will get a stellar product from this expo. In the heart of France, Paris, you are also awarded the chance to meet with the best of fashion designers who will provide you with the best complements to go with your jewelry. Apart from getting something for yourself, you have the first hand in seeing the latest trends and seizing some mind-blowing deals.

Première Classe (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles)

Renowned for it’s high ended quality selection, having a stop at this place gives you the best deals on leather goods, footwear, and jewelry. Additionally, they have designer accessories which are not only original but elegant as well to suit your fashion sense. You get to meet inspiring people who add wood to the burning fire of seeking to know more. For dealers, you have a once in a year chance to collect all varieties of products to suit the insatiable wants of your customers.

Museum Connections

Set to take place in Paris Porte de Versailles, Hall 8 it boasts of gathering a high number of professionals with different products from all walks. Majorly they deal with museum artifacts and different cultures. Here you will find many enterprises ranging from stationery, souvenirs, gifts, and accessories, in a nutshell, this fair provides you with literally almost everything you need. For students, they learn a lot about different cultures from all over the planet with the advantage of actually seeing them rather than the conventional way of reading from books a greater understanding is achieved. Those with curious minds about how other people live are not left out as you have somewhat of a first-hand experience during this expo.


For professional dealers, this might be the best place to meet with both French and international buyers. The Expo majorly showcases vintage postcards. The visitors have a keen eye for the variety of postcards and can surprise you with the weight of their questions due to their unquenchable interests in different podcasts. It is an international show which you dare not miss as it hubs the significant stakeholders in the business.
So, there you go. These are most of the best shows lining up this year. If you are not from around France get packing and set your dates apart for these crucial events.

Trade exhibitions are events organized with the objective of providing a chance to the companies from a specific industry line to demonstrate and showcase their latest products and/or services.