International food exhibition in 2016

Are you a foodie who loves exploring different kinds and forms of food, food techniques, and technologies associated with food, from all around the world? You should be interested in international food exhibitions which take place in various locations, and highlights all things related to food. Here is a list of the top food exhibitions in 2016, which you should know about:


This five day food exhibition will take place from February to March at the Dubai World Trade Center, in Dubai. The event will showcase food products such as cheese, fruit juices, yoghurt, lamb and mutton, mayonnaise, ketchups, dried fruits, chicken, duck, beef, and various frozen products.


This three day food exhibition will commence in March at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany. The event will display products based on surprising experiences of taste at the Fizz Lounge. Discussions on meat, poultry, wine, beverages, and food in general will also take place.


This four day food exhibition is bound to happen in April, in Verona, Italy. Products from the poultry, seafood, meat, beverages, and wine industries are to be showcased here.


This five day long event is to be held in October in Cologne, Germany. The event highlights products such as meat products, frozen food, exotic drinks, fresh food and chilled food, bread, soups, organic products, and dairy products.

sakura-chiba-1556742_1920Foodex Japan

This four day food exhibition takes place in March in Chiba, Japan. Various products such as food processing equipment, bakery equipment, consumer product packaging equipment, practice regarding food preservation and canning, and much more are showcased here.

Expo Finefood

This is a four day food event which is to be held in Shanghai, China in March. The event will emphasize on various products associated with food and beverages.

Worldwide Food Expoexpo-700x430

This food exhibition highlights all kinds of machines meant for food packaging and processing, systems and products, and materials. This is an ideal place for connecting with important decision makers of the food and beverage industry.

ISM Cologne

This four day food exhibition is conducted in January in Cologne, Germany. Products such as biscuits, snacks, chocolate and sugar confectionery and many more are featured in this event. It is organized by the renowned Koelnmesse GmbH Business International.

Mia International Food Show

This international food event is held in Italy. It is a great platform for knowing about various food processing methods, packaging machines, and innovative products associated with packaging and processing.

IFT Food Expo

This is a 4 day exhibition which will take place in July. It will commence in the USA and will showcase several products associated with food and beverage. The products include food materials, ingredients and raw materials, packaging products, various equipment for food preparation, technologies for food preparation and much more.

bcn_degusta_2015-logo_blanco_sobre_verde-hqBarcelona Degusta

This is a four day food event which is to be held in September in Barcelona, Spain. The event features innovate sweets, cooking classes conducted by celebrity chefs and renowned food professionals, and much more. Special emphasis lies on cheese and wine in this food exhibition. In this event, food is prepared by various chefs which are offered to the visitors to eat.

If you are into food expos and exhibitions, you should try attending or finding about more about these food exhibitions from across the world.

Trade exhibitions are events organized with the objective of providing a chance to the companies from a specific industry line to demonstrate and showcase their latest products and/or services.